Sutton 5PK Phillips Impact PH2 x 50mm Screwdriver Power Bits


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Product Overview

Sutton 5PK Phillips Impact PH2 x 50mm Screwdriver Power Bits

  • Phillips screwdriver bits are the most widely used drive system in the world.
  • The design absorbs torque peak reducing slippage and breakage.
  • The additional Torsion neck design is specifically suited to withstand high torque applications.
  • The elastic property of these bits deliver professional performance that stands up to rigorous use.
  • Supabit Extreme Impact Bits Certified heavy hitters specifically developed for use with the high-torque output of an impact driver.


  • Phillips tip with ACR® (Anti cam-out rib system) reduces stripping and damage to the screw.
  • Magnetic tip increases productivity and eliminates frustration when working at awkward angles or in tight spaces.
  • 3X torque: Torque tested to exceed DIN standards by up to 330%
  • Torsion neck zone designed to disperse torsional stress and reduce wear of the screwdriver bit.
  • Cold forged from premium shock-resisting S2 tool steel with a hardness of 58-62HRC for superior strength.
  • Manganese Phosphate coating for highest hardness and superior corrosion and wear resistance


(No reviews yet) Write a Review