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Your first blog post!

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Welcome to our first blog!

This is the first official blog post of Cost Less Tools. My name is Liam, and I run the eBay store and online store for Cost Less Bolts. I've worked here for a bit over two years, and it's been good, challenging and stressful at times, but overall not a bad place to work. The online store can be a hassle at best, with customers having the most ridiculous requests sometimes. It gets to crazy standards.

One time, we had a customer go nuts at us because she had ordered this large item, which needed to be shipped on a pallet. She knew this when I called her, and we even left instructions for the driver to call ahead to make sure someone was home. Anyway, the driver gets to her house, and the woman's mum refused to help the driver and even verbally assaulted him, so he left, with the pallet still in the truck.

The woman called us up a week later to ask where the product was. Apparently her mum was special needs, but she had apparently still been expected to help a driver get a 150kg pallet out of a truck. So anyway we explained the situation, and she went and picked up the goods anyway. She then opened a request to get her money back completely saying we abused her mum, and managed to keep the goods and her money...and then had the nerve to call and abuse us, and leave us negative feedback.

Some people don't seem to get how crazy running an eBay store can be. I'll be updating this blog regularly with some of the crazy stories we get from running an online store.