Austsaw RaiderX Sheet Metal Blade 185mm x 20 x 60T


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Product Overview

Austsaw RaiderX Sheet Metal Blade 165mm x 20 x 56T

RAIDERX Sheet Metal blades exhibit maximum performance in sheet metal cutting applications. Featuring C6 Carbide tips this blade has 6x the life of its competitors.

  • 185mm (7 1/4") x 60 Teeth
  • Tip: C6 Carbide
  • 20mm Bore
  • 5 Degree rake, 1.4mm Kerf
  • Tooth Grind: ATB 10
  • Max Cut Thickness 1.2mm (18 Gauge) | Use with Cordless Saw
  • RPM: 6,000
  • Premium C6 Carbide (165 - 185mm) tips give exceptional life and clean, cool cutting in sheet metal
  • 6x Life compared to competitor sheet metal saw blades
  • Super Thin Kerf design delivers a smooth and sharp cut
  • Advanced tooth geometry improves balance and stability for a straight running cut
  • Suitable for Thin Sheet Metal cutting to 1.2mm (18 Gauge) including: Roofing, cladding, corrugated sheet, flat sheet & steel studs etc


(No reviews yet) Write a Review